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The Long Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi is a must-see among The Wonders of Abu Dhabi

Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi is a must-see among The Wonders of Abu Dhabi: A recently found Salt Lake in the UAE has taken over social media. The lake is known as “Al Wathba Salt Lake” The stunning stretch of green emerald waters lies in the desert in Abu Dhabi and has attracted crowds of people to take pictures and barbecues.

A Bit about Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi

Al Wathba Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi is artificial, using pipes from the underground to feed it. The salt is sourced from salt flats, also known as sabkha, resulting from the dry coastal climate in the region.

The enormous salt pads that create an attractive lake feature usually require years of development. The only plausible explanation for their origin is because the water fed artificially cut its way through the existing mineral and salt deposits beneath the surface of the sand, forming these stunning crystal salt pads.

There are not two lakes that are on site. With crystallized salt that borders both lakes, this new attraction is undoubtedly worthy of the buzz, at the very least something that we’re familiar with on our own Middle East!

Things to do at the Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi

The gorgeous Long Salt Lake is a spectacle to behold, so you’ll likely end up exploring the area or even jumping through the lush lily pads-like structures upon arrival. We doubt that you’ll be able to contain your exhilaration in this situation.

As a desert, the location is ideal for barbecues with friends or family or by yourself (if you’re looking for a more intimate setting). You can stay overnight in the camp.

Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi

Which salt-water lakes are they located in?

Most of the pictures you’re viewing are of what’s now called ‘Long Salt Lake.’ The lake is located within the Al Wathba region of Abu Dhabi, south of the capital. There’s some off-roading; therefore, driving an SUV with four-wheel drive is strongly advised.

Suppose you’re familiar with the route toward The Fossil Dunes. Once you’ve passed the dunes, you’ll have to take a tower along the sandy track. The nearest E roadway is E65; however, the most convenient access starts from an exit off the E30 near the stunning Al Wathba Wildlife Reserve (currently closed to protect nesting areas). The exact place by using Google Maps.

What are these salt lakes?

There’s some mystery about how these bizarre salt mushrooms came about in what’s most likely an artificially-engineered channel.

Two “lakes on either side of the road that leads to it. The beautiful emerald-colored rivers are bordered by a white snow crust along the bank, which gives the entire area huge Nordic Fjord impressions.

Pipes supply water to each channel, extending for a decent distance to the desert. The high salt content of the soil beneath is not a surprise, and the area is filled with salt flats or sabkha that result from hot weather and a coastline.

The mystery is in the massive salt pad stepping stones located a bit down from the primary channel. It typically takes a lengthy amount of time to allow such structures to grow naturally due to erosion and the settling of minerals, and it’s a lot longer than would be possible in a “man-made” lake.

Illuminati confirmed. We laugh. Most likely could be that water flowing through the channel is just cutting away existing features beneath the top layer of sand.

A simple request: if you’re planning to visit, Please take your part in protecting the beauty and integrity of this place. Don’t litter or break chunks of salt to take home as souvenirs, and stay clear of any activity that might harm the salt structures beneath your feet of visitors.

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