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One Za’abeel – The Newest Addition to Dubai’s Skyline

One Za’abeel – The Newest Addition to Dubai’s Skyline: A sign of ambition, innovation, and the pioneering spirit of Dubai, One Za’abeel stands in the heart of the town, a destination that captivates and inspires. With homes, business, and leisure experiences that stream seamlessly together, the remarkable but approachable development will promise the people of Dubai an elevated way of life.

Ithra Dubai, the most recent addition to Dubai’s skyline, is a combined use of two tower projects with a horizontal connection casing among the world’s most massive cantilevers. Presently, under construction, One Za’abeel Tower is scheduled for completion by 2021. Situated at a crossroads between the new and old city, the job is close to Dubai International Financial Center, international airfield, along with the gold souks of Deira.

The revolutionary design of One Za’abeel places set up twin skyscrapers, rising above a total built-up region of 470,700 square metersTower A, standing in 300 meters tall, will host offices and a hotel, the world’s first vertical hotel. Tower B, standing at 235 meters tall, will be mostly oriented towards residential units. The 3.39 billion AED growth will comprise 37,000 square feet of office space, 263 residential units12,000 sq meters of retail area, 497 hotel rooms, and 77 high rate hikes. Presently, at 35 percent finish, the project also incorporates three floors of high-end retail and leisure podium, along with a horizontal construction, The connection, suspended perpendicularly on the two towers at the height of about 100 meters above the ground.

One Za'abeel

A trailblazing addition to Dubai, along with her skyline – unearth our newest luxury urban hotel in Dubai. 

Project Story

One Za’abeel is a flagship, mixed-use development by Ithra Dubai. A sign of ambition, innovation, and the pioneering spirit of Dubai will stand in the Za’abeel district in the town’s heart, strategically positioned between the old and new business districts. 

The scale of the development is enormous and complex. With two towers standing in 304m and 241m, the result has the added complication of straddling a live six-lane carriageway. It is the type of challenge Mace relishes. The development boasts seven basements 28m below ground level. From utilizing 3D plexus modeling for excavating under a live highway to coordinating load cell tracking and bridge jacking, to negotiating with locals governments for approvals and road closures, the project team has made use of local knowledge, advanced solutions, and meticulous planning to safely deliver the excavation moving the project forward into the main works phase. 

Above the ground, the two towers will be connected 125m in the air by the Link – a 225m long steel (9500 Tonnes) and glass arrangement with the world’s longest cantilever.

One Za'abeel

The staff will push engineering limitations by building the structure on a temporary site-based system in seven sections that will be welded together before being secured to the towers. Pioneering designs in the heart of Za’abeel, a luxury development that pushes the limitations of design and engineering 


Once set up, the Link will finish the design philosophy of producing a gate to the city. Following the structure has been assembled, the group will strand the jack in 2 lifts and secure it to the towers. The towers will soon be pre-cambered so that whenever the Link is erected and attached, the buildings will deflect back to their vertical position.


Tower A will host offices and, above the Link, ultra-luxury hotel rooms and luxury serviced apartments. Tower B will be predominately residential. The Link will offer restaurants, lounges, and entertainment facilities. Both towers will provide retail, food, and beverage outlets at ground and podium levels.


The group has developed an ‘early warning system‘ to discover any settlement in the bridge. The proactive strategy entails coordinating various actions: bridge investigation, bridge jacking, 24/7 bridge monitoring, diaphragm wall, and load cell monitoring, and a detour study with the implementation of easement measures.


Around 16,1000 m3 of concrete was poured continuously for the 3.5m heavy Tower A raft foundation. Intensive planning and detailed co-ordination from the project team with local police ensured the pour moved ahead as scheduled.

The milestone was finished in under three days, with an impressive speed of 32 m3 per hour with eight pumps in use. 

Designed by Japanese company Nikken Sekkei and developed by 

The Link will hold several restaurants and bars, an observation deck, gym, spa, pool, banquet hall, and a rooftop terrace. They weigh at 9,000 tonnes when raised and 13,000 tonnes when completed, the project hosts among the world’s most massive cantilevers. Allowed two prestigious awards in 2019, the Construction Innovation Awards for Best Innovative Project of the Year, and Big Project ME’s Mixed-Use Project of the Year, One Za’abeel aims for a Gold LEED certification. In reality, the towers use water-to-water heat pumps for centralized domestic warm water systems, treated sewer effluent water for irrigation. 

The energy-efficient design focuses on faç ade systems. It integrates the most recent smart technology to automation and energy optimization of office electric, lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

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