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Are the Work Opportunities Better in the UAE?

Work Opportunities in UAE: The coronavirus pandemic—a global humanitarian crisis—has given rise to several economic, financial, and social issues worldwide. And among its countless adverse consequences, the pandemic has also significantly slashed employment rates.

During these challenging times, people are working day in and day out to keep their jobs intact, steer clear of unemployment, and make long-term, beneficial decisions for themselves and their families. In the race to seek better employment opportunities, many people look up UAE—the land home to over 200 nationalities.

Airport lobby in Dubai, UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a flourishing expatriate community to help you feel welcomed at home, making the region a perfect place to boost your career. Consisting of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras-Al Khaimah, and Umm-Al-Quwain—UAE’s continued development over the recent years has shown immense potential for jobs and rising employment opportunities for both locals and ex-pats.

Let’s dig deeper and learn more about the types of jobs available in the UAE, how to secure one, and why working there is a great option.

Employment Scope in the UAE

Securing a job in the UAE

Prospects exist all over this ethnically-diverse Emirates, but Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer the highest number of opportunities among all the seven regions. Although the cost of living is relatively posh, especially in these two areas, their jobs pay well, and you get your earning’s worth in the form of a world class lifestyle, culture, and quality of life.

The UAE’s Economic State

An oil-opulent region, the UAE has always dealt with economic ups and downs, significantly fluctuating oil prices, and worldwide oversupply. But the economy has always bounced back, coming out stronger than before.

The UAE is a place of divergences with soaring buildings, widespread deserts, a large émigré population, and capable job seekers’ gratifying opportunities. Also referred to as the Emirates, it is one of the more liberal states in the expanse. However, the US, UK, Australia, Canadian, and graduates from other Western countries need to establish a sound understanding of its traditional and religious epitomes and how these impact day-to-day life.

Job Opportunities in the UAE

Emigrants are sponsored and offered contract-based jobs that deliver tax-free earnings and an end of service gratuity reimbursement when the deal concludes. It’s a no brainer that building a career in the UAE is not highly challenging. And here some of the main fields offering in-demand positions to locals and expats:

Chief Industries

The two primary industries that offer most jobs across the UAE are Petroleum and Petrochemicals. These fields are further divided into smaller categories such as fishing, shipyard, metal works, cement, compost, commercial ship overhaul, building construction supplies, handicrafts, textiles, etc.

Prominent Employers

Some of the leading employers in the United Arab Emirates region include:

  • DHL (Logistics)
  • Omnicom Media Group (Media and News)
  • Splash (Apparel Retailer)
  • Hilton Worldwide (Hospitality Service Provider)
  • The One (Retail Industry)
  • AstraZeneca Gulf (International exporting Pharmaceuticals)
  • 3M (Manufacturing Sector)
  • Estee Lauder (Health, beauty, and makeup)

Several British organizations maneuver in the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, including, Shell, Rolls-Royce, Standard Chartered, HSBC, and John Lewis.

Dubai at night

In addition to multinationals, the local list of UAE-based companies is impressive too. These international giants aren’t just growing and flourishing their profits in the Gulf region, but also looking for more talented individuals to add value to their firms.

In-Demand Skillset

The current growth and development of the United Arab Emirates are visible in their tourism, logistics (particularly air merchandise), renewable energy, and purification industries.  Moreover, building, tech, and finance fields also offer a consistently rising demand for fresh grads, especially engineers, financial analysts, architects, and tax mavens with the institution of VAT.

Language requirements

The key dialects spoken and understood in the UAE are Arabic (the formal and national language), Persian, English, Urdu, and Hindi.  With an emigrant staff from South Asia, Egypt, the Philippines, and Western Europe, English is often the shared semantic between expat groups

Rich in cultural legacy, UAE is a place where custom meets avant-gardism. English is the chief language of businesses in the Gulf, and over 80% of population coming from abroad, expats don’t find fitting in a prime concern.

English is extensively used in commercial, occupational, and several other areas. It’s also used in the country’s most commonly read magazines and newspapers. Therefore, people interested in moving to UAE or working in the Gulf must brush their range of dialects and learn the official language basics to impress the employers.

Teaching: Highly In-Demand Occupation in the UAE

English is a shared and widely spoken language in the UAE, but it offers foreigners opportunities to teach English as a foreign dialect. Securing a teaching job is particularly easy if candidates have a TEFL certificate and competent teachers with advanced diplomas and certificates.

English for corporate, adult classes and private lessons also offer latent employment chances, but as a member of the UAE’s workforce, it’s recommended to brush up on the country’s culture and the national dialect.

Moreover, the British Council in the UAE government has a shared understanding to employ skilled and qualified CELTA or TrinityCert TESOL educators with experience to impart foreign education.

How to Get a Job in the UAE?

Many foreigners are interested in moving to the Emirates and seeking employment opportunities through intercontinental companies in their home countries. This is the best move to secure work before making the geographic move. Numerous companies from USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and other leading economies have set-ups in the Gulf region, so fortifying a spot with one of these organizations before entreating a transfer might be an option.

work opportunities

In the UAE, employment openings are publicized via staffing agencies or virtually. While it may be an unusual drill in your own country, don’t be astonished to find job ads explicitly asking for a particular sex, age, or race. Networking is vital, but this may be difficult to do from afar. However, once you’re working in the UAE, fruitful interactions and an active social aura could help you get promoted. Most submissions are made virtually by filling out a form, resume card, or posting CVs. Always remember to attach a cover letter to increase your chances of getting noticed. Moving further, you’ll probably undergo a face-to-face conference and a health inspection before getting employed

Employing a Document Verification Agency

Attestation agencies in the UAE provide various other advantageous facilities for expats moving on employment, residential, or a business visa.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional looking for a new job in the UAE, hiring an attestation agency’s PRO and business setup services to handle all the paperwork associated with company registration and visa applications is your best option. You can rest assured that your papers will be legitimized in time for your visa application.

Document attestation services stay up-to-date with the UAE’s changing laws, so they have all the information they need to get your documents verified on the first try without any problems. These companies save you money, time, and effort. All you have to do is provide your docs and passport to obtain a free quote. You can begin the attestation procedure as soon as you pay the service charges.

The author of this post is a long-time, experienced resident of the UAE and a contributor for Benchmark Attestation Services in Dubai that offers well-timed UK, US, Australian, and Italian degree attestation and documents attestation for UAE visas.

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