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Top 10 Telecom System Integrators in UAE

UAE with its thriving business environment and state-of-the-art technological capabilities has the best telecom system integrators in this world. If you are in search of the best Telecom System Integrators in UAE, we would like to provide you with the list of the top 10 Telecom System Integrators in UAE.

Top 10 Telecom System Integrators


Aesthetix, established in the year 2004 is a leading technology integrator and ergonomics consultant in the industrial sector offering integrated solutions to its vast client base. Aesthetix offers a 360-degree outlook that is inclusive of planning, conceptual design, launch, and operations. Aesthetix is a pioneer in the field of ergonomics, technology, control room solutions, and project management, providing holistic solutions to its clients to provide them with sustainable growth and enhanced business performance. Aesthetix has been serving clients from various industries like defense, power & water, marine, oil & gas, and transport across the globe since its establishment in 2004.

Emitac Enterprise Solutions

Emitac Enterprise Solutions is a prominent and well-reputed digital transformation and technology services company established in the year 1976. Emitac Enterprise Solutions is jointly owned by Bukhatir and Ghobash Group and has been working with private enterprises and public sectors in the Middle East region for more than 43 years. Emitac has helped businesses to help solve their complex challenges, enhance business models, increase business assurance & productivity, improve customer & public services and add value to the customers and local businesses.

Greens Telecom LLC

Green Telecom LLC is well reputed and rapidly emerging security control and automation solution provider in the Middle East. Green Telecom provides its clients with professional residential system integration and network solutions to its vast client base. Green Telecom provides high-quality products, world-class consultancy services, high work ethics & professionalism, and the best expertise to all of its clients. Green Telecom is expert in providing Home & Building Automation, Home Security, and more.

Vista Automation

Vista Automation is a prominent and widely acclaimed Industrial Automation Solutions provider in UAE and Middle East. Vista covers a wide range of applications and processes that includes Manufacturing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas. Vista offers PLC/SCADA-based solutions as well as DCS solutions. Vista delivers well-engineered Industrial Automation Solutions to its clients to help them achieve their productions targets effectively and efficiently.

Omnix Media Networks, Inc.

Omnix Media Networks, Inc. is a well-reputed and world-class telecom system integrator in UAE, established in the year 1987. Omnix’s objective is centered around providing the best in class IT, Enterprise Software Solutions, and Professional Audio Visual to its impressive clientele spanning across all regions of the UAE and the Middle East. Omnix has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Jordan, and more.

Aims Telecommunication LLC

Aims Telecommunication LLC is a widely acclaimed and well-reputed telecom system integrator in UAE pioneering in the development and implementation of smart IT infrastructural designs and the industry’s best business solutions. Aims Telecommunication has the best team of engineers, technicians, designers, managers who have been empowering its clients to realize their potential.


Emircom, a widely reputed and internationally recognized telecom systems integrator in UAE is a leading partner to many prominent companies in the ICT segment. Emircom, a successful partner of Cisco contributes to a major portion of Cisco’s business in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Established in the year 1984, Emircom is a market leader in the ICT segment in the Middle East and also is ISO 9001 certified.


Prologix is a trusted and well-reputed ISO certified, IT System Integrator in the Middle East and Africa. Prologix established in the year 1998, is a well-known provider of the best IT Business Solutions, Managed Services, and Management Solutions in UAE and the Middle East. The specialties offered by Prologix include Infrastructure, Storage, Wireless, Web Solutions, and more.


Panacor is a leading specialized System Integration company in UAE and the Middle East providing complete turnkey ICT solutions that includes Storage solutions, Security, Audiovisual, Digital signage, IT solutions, and more. Panacor is well known in the industry for its technical expertise and capabilities to develop customized solutions for its clients. Panacor has successfully handled many large projects across various sectors including hospitality, retail, healthcare, transportation, etc.


Integrated Solutions for Telecommunication Systems Installation LLC (Tarkeeb) is a prominent telecommunications company based in Dubai established in the year 2008. Tarkeeb provides specialized services in systems integration, cabling, and maintenance services across all Emirates. Tarkeeb has been successfully involved in the management and implementation of IT and telecom projects for its vast client base from across the globe. Tarkeeb’s specialized service portfolio includes Security & Acess Control, Data Centres & Server Rooms, TRA Type Approvals, Building Management Solutions, Wifi, Home & Commercial Automation, and more.

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