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Speech Pathology’s Importance for Adults and Children

Speech Therapy for Children and Adults in Dubai: Speech is a trait that every human must possess. However, not every individual is gifted with the ability to communicate well. Speech therapy is crucial for those who are suffering from disabilities related to speech. A speech pathologist in Dubai uses techniques that can help an individual develop better communication skills.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy aims at treating an individual’s disability in speaking, communicating, or swallowing. Any speech pathologist available in Dubai administers them. Speech therapy teaches individuals to use their voices appropriately and to make the perfect sounds with their muscles. It aids a human in expressing their feelings or comprehending themselves.

Speech Therapy for Children

1. Language Activities

Speech therapists guide children to interact and play with objects to increase their ability and develop relevant speech skills. Apart from this, speech pathologists use books and pictures to help children with their language. 

2. Articulation Activities

Articulation activities mostly concentrate on helping children pronounce words and sound appropriately. The speech pathologists from Dubai will record these sounds to help them rectify their mistakes. 

3. Feeding and Swallowing

Speech therapy doesn’t just involve developing a child’s communication. Speech therapists help children with oral movements to help their muscles chew and swallow food properly. They work with different textures of food for feeding and swallowing activities. 

4. Exercises

Speech therapists help a child with improving facial muscles through activities involving the tongue, lip, jaw, and mouth exercises. These exercises can ensure that children communicate clearly. 

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Adults

1. Social Communication

Adults who are introverts and insecure to speak with a group of people have social communication issues. A speech therapist can help adults in being more socially active by expressing their thoughts and interacting with a group of people. 

2. Breathing Exercises

Adults suffering from breathing problems could be a sign of resonance issues. A speech therapist will conduct breathing activities to promote an individual’s ability to breathe and solve resonance problems. 

3. Swallowing Exercises

Medical conditions can cause an adult to have swallowing disabilities. A speech therapist will use oral activities to promote the ability of a person to swallow food and also build muscle strength for the regions around their mouths. 

Mouth Exercises

A lack of facial muscle strength is typically the cause of people’s inability to speak clearly or make clear sounds. To improve an adult’s capacity to communicate effectively, a speech pathologist introduces facial exercises and gestures.

How long does a person need Speech Therapy?

Speech impairments for some individuals appear in childhood and improve with age, while others persist into adulthood and necessitate long-term treatment and maintenance. The duration for speech therapy can vary from person to person depending on several factors such as – 

  • Individual’s age
  • Type and severity of speech disability
  • Therapy frequency
  • Treatment of an underlying medical condition 

A child or an adult can suffer from speech disorders. It is the responsibility of an individual’s family members to identify these disabilities and consult a speech pathologist in Dubai to get them resolved. Neglecting speech therapy can significantly affect an individual’s communication in the long run and should be avoided at all costs.

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