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How To Build Online Presence for Your Business

How To Build Online Presence for Your Business: In this fast-paced world, where going digital is the new norm, a prerequisite for any business owner or entrepreneur is to have an online presence for their business. It is an undeniable fact that we live in an ever-growing, ever-changing, dynamic digital world. For any business, the one thing they cannot do without is an online presence.

Be it a website, a social media account, or even a listing on Google maps, the first thing any person would do to know more about any brand or business is look it up online. Conversely, not having an online presence is often looked down upon. You may also read Top 5 Business Ideas in Dubai.

This is particularly important for small businesses to take note of. Multinational companies, large conglomerates, retail chains – all such entities would have already tapped into the online segment. But it is the small businesses that probably would need to up their digital footprint.

So how do you improve the online presence of your business? Read on to get an idea how:

A well functioning and robust website

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many businesses fail to launch a website for their business. Having an online address would go a long way in establishing a valid, trustworthy, and secure presence online. Particularly for retail businesses, a well-functioning online shopping website would prove to be equally, if not more effective than their brick and mortar establishment.

The thing to keep in mind is that your website should be:

  • Professional
  • Functional
  • Aesthetic
  • Robust
  • Scalable

How To Build Online Presence for Your Business

How To Build Online Presence for Your Business

Social Networking Platforms

In addition to a well-functioning website, an equally important stream you need to tap into on the online spectrum would be social networking platforms. In an age where proper networking can make or break your business, building and maintaining connections is akin to a double-edged sword. It is also important to share your social media profile links to your website and share your website address on all your social media handles for increased visibility and brand awareness.

Having a network of people and businesses in the same and/or complementary fields would help you in knowing industry trends as well as seeking and learning new updates and technologies from others. 

Improve Search Ranking

Getting your website to rank on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. is a huge step towards increasing your online presence. Through streamlined SEO operations, consistent postings, regularly troubleshooting your website for bugs and making the best use of keywords you can improve the ranking of your website easily with precision and planning.

Create User Profiles

Creating your business’ user profile on popular platforms that are dedicated to your line of business is a lucrative and nuanced step in the right direction. For example, if you are a travel business, you can improve your online presence by way of registering yourself as a user on popular travel and accommodation portals such as TripAdvisor,, Make My Trip, etc. where people can view, interact and know more about your business and other customers.

Similar to portals like these are brand search directories available online. If you are looking for businesses and brands in the UAE you can streamline your search more easily through any verified online brand search directory in the UAE.

In the process of establishing a solid online presence for your business, a multi-pronged approach is always best involving a well-functioning website, social media accounts, and third-party websites. Building and maintaining an updated, professional and scalable website for your business sets the tone for your online presence across every other platform or portal. 

If you need help in setting up your business’ presence online with the guidance of experts, no need to worry, Reach UAE is here to help! Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with the preferred solution for your business. Click here to connect with our services today!

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