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Sharjah Mosque – The Largest Mosque in Emirate

Sharjah Mosque – The Largest Mosque in Emirate: The emirate’s largest mosque is currently authoritatively open to the public after the Sharjah Ruler ordered its development in 2014. The Sharjah Mosque—situated in Al Tay at the crossing point of Emirates Road and Maliha Road—covers a region of 186,000 square meters and can accommodate up to 25,000 individuals.

Non-Muslims are free to visit the mosque, which was introduced by His Highness Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, on Friday (May 10, 2019).

Sharjah Mosque - The Largest Mosque in Emirate

The Ottoman-style mosque includes a principle indoor lobby that can oblige more than 5,000 individuals. It likewise has a devoted female pavilion for more than 618 individuals.

Sharjah Mosque – Maliha Road Location

Sharjah Mosque - The Largest Mosque in Emirate

Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, who was additionally present at the introduction, performed Isha’ and Tarawih prayers alongside many, senior authorities and admirers from the various pieces of the nation on Friday.

Sharjah Mosque - The Largest Mosque in Emirate

The parking garage of the mosque can suit around 2,260 Cars and Buses.

There are 300 parking inside the mosque building, 1,400 outside other than 60 spaces for buses, 500 outside the mosque fence and 16 large sunshade areas.

The mosque has six doors and passages, including four open doorways, two for ladies, one for VIPs and one for transports.

Sharjah Mosque – Gallery

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