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Palm Jumeirah – a wealthy place for the affluent

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificially created group of Islands (usually called an archipelago) located on the Jumeirah coastal area of the Emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is part of a larger string of developments called the Palm Islands, which also includes The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira.

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah was created using land reclamation which extends into the Persian Gulf by about 5 kilometers, increasing Dubai’s shoreline by over 500 kilometers combined.

Rising from the sea

Being Nakheel’s flagship project, The Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest man-made island and it comprises of a two kilometer long trunk, a crown made up of 17 fronds and a surrounding crescent (which serves as a breakwater to protect the inner island, with a 100 metre-wide opening on each side, dividing the crescent into three parts, to allow the natural flow and circulation of sea water).

Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Jumeirah

The construction of Palm Jumeirah took about 6 years, and about 12 billion dollars in cost to complete.

Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Jumeirah

Home Sweet Home

Today, the Palm Jumeirah boasts of about, 1,500 beachfront villas spread across the 17 fronds, about 6,000 apartments on the trunk, with hotels springing up all around the crescent. The tourism, leisure and retail elements of the Island have been so well developed, creating a spectacular, world-renowned residential and tourism destination.

The Atlantis

Palm Jumeirah is home to some of Dubai’s most luxurious resorts, including Atlantis The Palm, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, the One&Only The Palm and many more.

The Palm Jumeirah
Atlantis The Palm

The underwater-themed Atlantis The Palm remains the flagship resort at the Palm Jumeirah. Boasting of a sprawling waterpark and more than 1,500 rooms, including the super luxurious Royal Bridge Suite that costs about $25,000 per night.

Palm Jumeirah – The Road Networks

The Palm Jumeirah is well developed – with roads, tunnels, and public transport system. So, as a tourist or guest, you can easily navigate and access the various hotels, restaurants, and attractions on the Island. You can also hop aboard the Palm Monorail that runs through the Palm Jumeirah, connecting Atlantis The Palm at the crescent to the Gateway Towers at the foot of the island, and also serves as a link between the Palm Jumeirah and the mainland.

Other Features

Sailing around Palm Jumeirah in a yacht or speedboat is also a popular option among guest and residents alike, with a long list of private touring companies to choose from. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, you can take a jump out of a plane as it cruises over the Palm Jumeirah for a truly unique experience.

Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Jumeirah

There is also a 12 to 60-minute Helicopter Tour that delivers a bird’s eye view of the Palm and the nearby World Islands, along with the Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab, the skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road, and the heritage architecture of Dubai Creek and the old town.

Check out the Atlantis The Palm homepage for more information, prices and other available options.

The Future

Rising from the midst of the Palm Jumeirah, and standing next to the almost completed Nakheel Mall is one of the most anticipated hotel and residential complex, The Palm Tower.

Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Tower

The 52-storey Tower when completed, will comprise of 432 luxury residences and a five-star, 290-room hotel with a range of dining and leisure facilities.

Other notable features of The Palm Tower includes the rooftop infinity pool, restaurants, viewing decks, direct access to the Nakheel Mall (still under construction), fully furnished apartments (with panoramic views of Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Gulf), and direct to Palm Jumeirah’s beach clubs.

The Palm Tower Residences

Visit again soon for a future post on The Palm Tower.

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