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Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi (أبو ظبي) is really one of the miracles of the world. What has once been a straightforward angling town and a few pearl jumpers, is presently a rambling megalopolis of 1.5 million occupants. The greatest emirate in the United Arabian Emirates (UAE) brags plenty of vacation spots and an interesting places, and you absolutely will love arranging a visit.

Notwithstanding the apparent commanding size, the neighboring emirate of Dubai figured out how to exceed Abu Dhabi for a long time. However, that has changed in the light of the Financial Crisis as the emirate ventured into the spotlight under the rule of the Sheik Khalifa. The capital of the UAE may be a delayed prodigy yet is presently constraining an astounding way to deal with fulfilling each conceivable touristic need. Where once multi-day trip from Dubai would have been sufficient, no less than four days will be expected to visit the parched emirate now. Here are all Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Abu Dhabi

Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Abu Dhabi

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

There is probably no more iconic building in Abu Dhabi than the white marble domes of the Sheik Zayed Mosque. It’s the biggest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and unquestionably the most striking. It’s likewise one of the few things of activities in Abu Dhabi for free, so you truly got no reason for not visiting.

Standard sightseers transports or a taxi will get you there in two or three minutes, despite the fact that the mosque developed to a house to 50,000 prayers is situated on the edges of Abu Dhabi city.

There are, in any case, two or three things you should know before your visit:

  • As in most Muslim nations, mosques will be closed to sightseers on Fridays
  • While Abayas and Thawbs can be leased for free at the entrance, remember to dress consciously in any case.
  • You are not permitted to bring cameras with a huge long range of focal points.
  • You should leave your shoes in the passageway.

2. Ferrari World

Ferrari World

Searching entertainment activities in Abu Dhabi instead of visiting an art museum?? All things considered, at that point, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi may be what you are searching for. Covered under a gigantic red shield (truth be told, the biggest space outline structure man has ever assembled) you will locate a breathtaking amusement park.

In any case, be set up for some wild activity. The Formula Rossa is the fastest crazy ride on earth and will speed you up to more than 260 kilometers per hour in a minor two seconds!

Sounds too fast? Stress not! There are a lot of family-accommodating rides and simulators to be found too. You can even lease a Ferrari and drive around the close-by Formula 1 course (or try to change the tires of a real racing car!). Here’s the link to the official website.

Note: Do come with closed shoes, as several rides will require them. As the entire world is cooled you might not have any desire to dress too light in any case;- )

3. Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld

Abu Dhabi can be fantastically hot, even in winter. What better spot to get away from the oppressive warmth than Yas Waterworld. The water amusement park on Yas Island is one of the best activities in Abu Dhabi with children, yet at the same time, more than worth a visit if you are all grown up and love water.

They have a lot of slides and even a water roller coaster. Yas Waterworld is located right next to the Ferrari World and there are two-day tickets accessible to see them both (on the off chance that you were pondering). Here is the link to the official site

Wild Wadi Water Park – Family Fun Adventure

Wild Wadi Water Park – Family Fun Adventure: Finding a family fun place to visit in Dubai is not a question availability, but a question of where to go.

Wild Wadi Water Park – Family Fun Adventure

Note: The Yas Mal (greatest mal in Abu Dhabi) is directly adjacent, so you should need to drop by after or before your visit.

4. Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace

You might wonder, why a hotel is on a list of things to see in Abu Dhabi, yet hold on for me. The Emirates Palace is the third most costly hotel ever built fabricated and includes 394 rooms, 92 suites, and 22 private suites. It has a private beach of 1.3 kilometers, 2 helicopter pads and a ballroom for up to 2,500 individuals.

Most importantly, the hostel is built utilizing marble, gold and little in the middle. It’s showy, neurotic, even appalling in its stacking of very costly materials. They additionally have the biggest Rolex on this planet.

In the event that you can’t manage the cost of a room, save a seat for the evening tea or supper at the impressive beach restaurant. Without such a reservation, you will most likely experience serious difficulties entering, particularly as heads of state are often staying here.

Note: The Emirates Palace has a strict clothing standard, so you won’t almost certainly wear shorts, vests, flip-flops or some other inappropriate attire.

5. Explore Abu Dhabi City at night

Explore Abu Dhabi City at night

The United Arabian Emirates probably won’t be well known for its dance club and unreasonable gatherings, however, there are as yet numerous activities in Abu Dhabi during the evening. One of my most loved spots to hang out is the beach bar at the Emirates Palace. If that’s a bit too posh for you, walking around the Corniche beach is also quite lovely, as is driving around the freeway.

In any case, the great horizon skyline blows your mind, as will a stroll through downtown Abu Dhabi. Additionally note, that numerous exhibition halls and amusement parks will be open up until 10 pm on certain days.

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