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New Business Registration in Dubai 2021

New Business Registration in Dubai: The year 2021 brought many changes in the business market and major changes seen in business procedures. Some steps are obligatory to follow before and during business registration in Dubai. We have some important stages that will guide you to register your firm in Dubai.

How to do Business Registration in Dubai?

Type of Business

There are four key business activities in Dubai from which you have to choose your company license and this depends on your company business product or service.

The business categories are:

  • Commercial
  • Professional
  • Industrial
  • Commercial Business

If you are selling products or providing services to the Dubai community, then a commercial license is required for New Business Registration in Dubai. In 2021 online shopping is at its peak and all commercial startups must acquire a commercial license to register their company in Dubai.

Professional Business

Any profession you have, it can be teaching or coding or web designing can be listed in professional business. Most professional businesses in 2021 are linked with online teaching due to pandemic and these businesses are required professional license.

Industrial Business

Manufacturing of raw materials, construction of buildings or automobiles are examples of industrial businesses. These startups usually work on large platforms and Dubai is well recognized for offering free-zone land to entrepreneurs. Industrial business registration in Dubai has a slightly lengthy procedure but it is extremely important to get your industrial license for the continuity of your business.

Choose company name

The name of your company represents the form of your business and in Dubai company’s name must respect the norms of the United Arab Emirates. You cannot name your company that has offensive or inappropriate meaning. The violation of this rule results in heavy fine and online business registration Dubai maybe permanently bans the company owners. Selecting a company’s name is a sensitive criterion and the owner should choose the correct name which is appreciated by the local people of Dubai.

Documents Approval for Business Registration in Dubai

After selecting your company’s name, the important question every entrepreneur asks and that is,

New Business Registration in Dubai

New Business Registration in Dubai
New Business Registration in Dubai

There are few applications and documents approval necessary for business registration in Dubai. Without the approval of these documents, you cannot get your license to register your company:

  • Submit copies of shareholders’ UAE Passports.
  • Submit No Objection Certificate (NOC) to DED (Department of Economic Development). This is for your local sponsor’s approval giving you the place to start your business.
  • The Dubai free zone DED website has all the required paperwork for different business zones in Dubai. They will guide you on what specific receipt is essential to submit for your new online business registration in Dubai.
  • The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry must approve your legal documents and company’s license to ensure your company’s registration in Dubai.

Get Trading E-License

The method to obtain a trading E-license is now a simple operation. The 2021 pandemic forced all of Dubai’s economic sectors to receive and provide trade licenses through an online facility. This rule created ease for entrepreneurs to avail maximum benefit and complete their business registration in Dubai within weeks.

For E-license you have to apply on the DED trader site and follow these steps:

  • Create a DED E-license account.
  • Fill Registration online form (your private information).
  • Pay registration fee (ranges from AED 1,000 TO AED 1,500).
  • Wait for the approval online letter.
  • Print the E-license copy.
  • Submit it to DED.

Bank account

The bank account is the main core of your business registration in Dubai. To open the bank account, you must check those banks’ lists that support startup businesses and asks few documents for submission. The bank will check your previous transaction records and authorize loans for your startup. It is advisable to connect with business consultants and create your bank account for online business registration in Dubai.

VISA application

The VISA application is extremely important for New Business Registration in Dubai because it will create ease for all next business registration procedures and governmental authorities will help you to expand your business in the future.

The local business companies prefer business deals with those company owners who already have Dubai/UAE VISA. The VISA process consists of:

  • UAE ID card.
  • Medical fitness approval
  • Entry License
  • Resident Status
  • Official VISA stamp

The process takes some time but after receiving UAE VISA you can freely establish your business in any free-zone part of Dubai. Apply UAE Tourist Visa for Free. No Service Charge

Documents Required

The final part of New Business Registration in Dubai 2021 requires some important papers which you already acquired from DED. You need to submit them with registration forms to legal business authorities in Dubai which includes Dubai Chamber and DED to start your business in Dubai. The documents are:

  • VISA, NOC, and Passport copies.
  • Copy of E-license and paid fees.
  • Approved papers from local sponsors.
  • Bank account receipts and transaction copies.
  • Your business model documents.
  • Immigration department stamped papers.


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    28th November 2022 at 11:54 am

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