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The World’s Most Beautiful Building on Earth – Museum Of The Future

Museum Of The Future – The World’s Most Beautiful Building on Earth: The futuristic style of this gleaming torus-shaped structure has symbolic meaning. The circular shape represents humanity. It’s situated on an earth-coloured mound that represents the earth. The gap represents the unimaginable future.

The structure is 77 metres tall bridges the past and the future, bringing the latest technology with traditional art shapes. The structure has seven floors. Its design is characterized by its absence of any columns within the structure, making it the first step in urban engineering.

A poem was written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, registered with the artist Mattar Bin Lahej and encircled the exterior of this stainless-steel-clad structure. The script of the low-carbon structure is lit by 14 kilometres of LED lighting in the evening.

Museum of the Future

The Dubai-based architectural firm Killa Design won the design contest for the Museum in 2015. The UK’s BuroHappold Engineering worked to turn Shaun Killa’s concept into a building. Construction started in June of 2016.

A torus-shaped structure with no use of pillars was an issue. They utilized a parametric design and Building Information Modelling (Bim) to build a technological marvel.

As per the BBC, BBC, parametric design is built on algorithms that permit specific elements to be changed to alter the results from an equation. Bim is a 3D model-based system that enables professionals in construction to collaborate. It’s a highly efficient method that digitalizes both the functional and physical features of structures.

The Museum’s steel framework, also known as a diagrid, consists of 2400 beams that intersect diagonally. The possibilities of diagrid permutations are infinite; BuroHappold wrote its growth algorithm to determine the most optimal configuration, according to a BBC report revealed. The framework for diagrids was completed in November of 2018.

Museum of the Future
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Tickets for entry for Museum of the Future

Entry tickets to the Museum of the Future are available for Dh145. Children aged three and under are provided with child tickets for free and are invited to visit the area ‘Future Heroes. Free tickets are also offered for senior Emirati citizens who are over 60 years of age and for people with determination and an accompanying caregiver.

Tickets to the Museum of the Future are available to purchase on the website. MOTF website.

Bookings online must be made before the preferred visit time, as each ticket holder will get an allocated time slot within the Museum’s hours of operation (from 10 am until 6 pm, all the time).

The Museum of the Future interplays elements from the physical to the virtual. It is a place for sharing diverse and radically diverse ideas, concepts, and spiritual knowledge.

A place for ideas The Museum will assist discover solutions to issues to create a better future for the future. It will serve as a place to learn and investigate the possibilities of creating something completely new.

A few of the future scenarios depicted within the exhibit are optimistic possibilities. However, they recognize and reflect on the actual dangers of the present and attempt to tackle them.

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