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Requirements and Cost of Opening a Restaurant Business in Dubai

How to Open Restaurant Business in Dubai: Starting a restaurant business in Dubai is a path to profit guaranteed. With professionals from across the world, and the daily hustle hardly anyone gets time to cook meals. Instead, they prefer eating out. It is also a time for them to catch up with their friends and family and take some time for themselves as well. One can try opening a multi-cuisine or a normal fast food restaurant in Dubai.

With efficient chefs and good customer service, the restaurant business can thrive easily in Dubai. If you are planning to start a restaurant in Dubai, here are a few basic things to know. Continue reading to understand the requirements and cost of opening a restaurant business in Dubai.

How to Open Restaurant Business in Dubai & Requirements

In order to start a restaurant business in Dubai, one needs to produce and submit certain documents and certificates before the government to get the license and permit. The documents to be submitted are as follows: How to Open Restaurant Business in Dubai

Food Safety Requirements

How to Open Restaurant Business in Dubai

The first thing needed to kick-start the business is to obtain a food safety license. In order to get that you need to

  1. Obtain a food consignment release license from the government
  2. Get a permit for all vehicles that will be used to transport food and goods
  3. A special permit if you are handling pork or any of its products

Not being compliant with the laws can affect the functioning of your business and can even end up in imprisonment and huge penalties. Don’t forget UAE is a country with strict rules and regulations when it comes to business and is also firm when it comes to religious rules and proceedings.

Once you have met all the rules and regulations of the food safety department, the next is to follow the regulations regarding the location of your restaurant. Dubai government sets out certain clear rules regarding the location where the restaurant will be operating. Some of them are:

  1. The space must have enough space to keep all the equipment needed to run the restaurant. If you go for a dingy or cramped space for economical reasons, it can result in the rejection of your application for the license.
  2. The space must have proper provision for waste disposal. This is especially important as it can affect the hygiene of the restaurant and in turn the food that’s being served. So, before you get the restaurant running, see the provision for waste disposal.
  3. Install a smoke management system so that it doesn’t disturb the customers as well as cause any other mishaps.
  4. The restaurant must have separate storage and toilet area.
  5. Make sure the restaurant walls, floor and roof are fire-proof and non-absorbent. This will help prevent the outbreak of fire and other such accidents.

When have met the obligations, you can now submit an application for a license to your restaurant business setup in Dubai. Either you can do it yourself or you can seek the help of a business setup group to assist you.

Kiltons Business Setup Group would be pleased to help you along the way to your dreams. How to Open Restaurant Business in Dubai

Follow the below steps to submit your application for the license.

  1. Carry blueprints of various parts of the café such as the food processing area, sanitary spaces, washroom facilities, exit and entryways etc.
  2. Decide a name for your business and get the name registered with the DED.
  3. Select a location for your business as per the guidelines of the department
  4. Follow the procedures of the food and safety department
  5. Get an NOC from the Food and Safety Department and approval for the same from the Dubai municipality

Submit all these documents and wait for the approval of your license. It won’t take more than two-three weeks. Talking about the cost of the business, it will vary strictly based on the type of restaurant you are running, how many employees you are planning, the facilities included, the location etc.

The most happening places in Dubai will have a higher rent compared to other regions. How to Open Restaurant Business in Dubai.

However, starting a restaurant in Dubai is sure to profit you. Learn from the experts in the field and think about how you can stand out from your competitors.

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