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Do you know the 7 Unique World Records of Dubai?

7 Unique World Records of Dubai: Dubai is one of the most progressive cities globally, including its commitment to setting new world records. While other countries are looking for ways to become more efficient, the United Arab Emirates is taking the lead. The country loves to think of challenges. They are proud of how many world’s firsts they have nailed.

While the UAE is home to the world’s tallest building- the Burj Khalifa, there are other records that the country has proudly bagged. Here are some records from the UAE that you probably never knew about! 7 Unique World Records of Dubai.

Do you know the 7 Unique World Records of Dubai?

Dubai is one city that is super into breaking records. It keeps a whole library of such records, and it seems like they’re never going to stop making them.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest artificial structure in the world. If you’re looking for the highest structure in the world, look no further than the Burj Khalifa.

7 Unique World Records of Dubai

It is the world’s tallest building, and at an incredible 828m (2,716.5 feet), it’s the highest artificial structure on Earth.

  • At 829.8m, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest freestanding structure globally (to its very tip, with spire).
  • The only skyscraper in the world that has 163 floors.
  • Level 124 & 125 is the highest outdoor observation deck in the world.
  • The highest restaurant in the world is At.Mosphere on level 123 – 441.3m high.
  • The most elevated lounge in the world is on Level 154.
  • The highest elevator in the world is 504m tall or 1,654 feet.

We have already written a brief article on Burj Khalifa; bang on, read it here. 

The world’s tallest hotel, Gevora Hotel

Gevora is known for its unparalleled views, fantastic dining options, and wellness facilities. The Gevora Hotel in Dubai is the tallest building in the world. It has over 75 floors and is 356.3 meters tall.

7 Unique World Records of Dubai

There’s a top-floor health club with sauna and steam rooms, plus an outdoor pool deck with a hot tub. If you go up to the spa on the 71st floor, you can expect treatments with a view.

There is a coffee and cake shop instead of a bar, as the hotel does not have an alcohol license. The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong has some of the tallest rooms in the world, but the tallest hotel building is the International Commerical Centre Tower, which has no dedicated hotel rooms. 7 Unique World Records of Dubai

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is an iconic structure in Dubai built to celebrate its rich history, present achievements, and future goals for development. The Dubai Frame offers spectacular panoramic views of Old and New Dubai while acting as a symbolic bridge.

7 Unique World Records of Dubai
  • Dubai Frame is a 150-meter-tall and 95-meter-wide structure.
  • For its foundation, the building needed around 9,900m3 of concrete and 2,000 tons of steel. The building’s glazing required a total of 2,900 square meters of laminated glass.
  • Fabricated from 15,000 square meters of gold-colored stainless steel, Dubai’s Frame is shaped like a ring and inspired by the logo for Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • The Dubai Frame’s unique rectangular shape was inspired by the ‘golden ratio’ of 1.618, which many architects and artists believe forms an ideal structural balance.
  • The elevator to the Sky deck takes visitors 48 floors in 75 seconds.

Dubai Metro – World’s Longest Driverless Metro

In many ways, the Dubai Metro symbolizes Dubai’s efforts to modernize and solve its transportation problems. The Dubai metro is a public transit system with two lines. Because of its Red and Green lines, it is considered one of the world’s most modern and luxurious rail systems.

7 Unique World Records of Dubai

The Dubai Metro is one of the world’s longest driverless rail systems and will carry over 1.2 million passengers on a typical day. 7 Unique World Records of Dubai.

Here’s all the information you need to know while you’re riding the Metro. The carriages, wifi, safety, disability access, luggage, and other rules and etiquette for a better ride.

  • Wifi on the move
  • 3000+ CCTVs
  • Dedicated Metro Police
  • Emergency Call Box
  • Radio Link
  • Tactile Guidance Path
  • Platform Alerts
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Lift Access
  • Informative Displays

Read more about Dubai Metro Timings Here.

Deep Dive Dubai

This pool at Dreamworld is the deepest in the world, allowing thrill-seekers to dive into another dimension. The 60-meter pool is just for them to discover the depth of their potential as they also discover an underwater world filled with adventure and wonder.

7 Unique World Records of Dubai

If you’re a beginner, you will be surprised by how much fun diving is. And if you’re an experienced diver, you will be surprised how peaceful it is under the water.

The latest record-breaking attraction to make a splash in Dubai you might like is the only diving facility in the world where you can dive to depths of 60m. That’s 15 meters deeper and four times bigger than any other diving pool in the world. 7 Unique World Records of Dubai

The below-ground pool at Deep Dive Dubai is filled with 14 million liters of fresh water, the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools. The pool is kept at 30 degrees to create the perfect conditions for diving.

Deep Dive Dubai has the most experienced scuba and freedivers in Dubai. They’ll teach you advanced diving techniques and ensure a safe dive.

The water is circulated through filters every six hours to maintain the highest standards of safety and hygiene. There is also a fully-staffed, 12-person hyperbaric facility, the largest and most advanced in the region, to treat divers in the pool.

Maze Tower

7 Unique World Records of Dubai

Ideally located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Maze Tower is a mixed-use building that offers a privileged lifestyle. There are 25 floors of prime office space in the very heart of DIFC. It also provides a tranquil and elegant living space with 24 floors.

XLine Dubai Marina – World’s Longest Urban Zipline

The world record holder for the longest public urban zipline is XLine in Dubai Marina. XLine measures 1 km, is up to 170 m high and travels at an average of 80 km/h.

7 Unique World Records of Dubai

Sit down, buckle up, and hang on tight. The zipline will take you across a skyline filled with high-rise buildings, yachts, and other sights. There are two parallel zip lines so that you can share the experience.

You can relive and share your experience thanks to the Go-Pro cameras mounted on your helmet, and every participant receives customized videos and photographs. Open from Thursday to Monday, but closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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