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7 Benefits of Live Streaming with a Professional Service in UAE

Benefits of Live Streaming: It’s been a while since Live Streaming has gained immense popularity and attraction. Thanks to the live streaming platform for providing numerous benefits and features to the users. It enables the user to watch, create and share video in real-time. In addition, it also allows the audience to comment and engage live. Not only these, but the audience can also react to the videos by sharing emojis of likes, dislikes, and hearts.

Why Livestream with a professional service?

You must be aware of Live Streaming through different social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. However, the live streaming services that professionals offer are outstanding and seamless. They allow the users to stream with confidence.

It requires a lot of technical skills to set up your Livestream and you need to learn a lot if you are not familiar with the process. Through the professional streaming services in UAE, you can easily stream with a few clicks from your mouse.

7 Benefits of Live Streaming with a Professional Service

#1 Reach Highly Targeted Audience

The advantage of live streaming services is to outreach the targeted audience. Live streams demand dedication from the audience to stay online and tune in live irrespective of which time zone they belong. The users must watch the Livestream whether it is a favourable time for them or not. In addition, it also keeps the irrelevant audience away from the streams. Moreover, it gives the flexibility to the audience to watch the content from anywhere be it a north pole or south pole. The only thing which a user needs is good internet connectivity.

#2 High-Quality Live Streams

The live streaming platform ensures high-quality streaming with sturdy support and a great CDN (content delivery network). It enables sharing of the content with its own server. However, streaming from your own server may encounter some network issues. So, when you stream live, you expect it to be perfectly seamless without any technical glitches. Therefore, choosing the best live streaming platform, for instance, Dreamcast ensures you to live stream to the next level with peace of mind. Benefits of Live Streaming.

#3 Repurpose your Live stream

Live streaming is not only about broadcasting live videos; your virtual event platform empowers you to use the content in various forms like –

  • Trim the best 15-30 sec of video and post it on the Instagram reel.
  • Save the video and upload it on social media channels.
  • Take a screenshot and post it on social media along with the link to the full video to generate more views.
  • Embed the Livestream in your blog post.
  • Email your Livestream to your existing email subscribers.
  • Convert the Livestream clip into a GIF.
  • Pull out all the best clips and add them in a single video.

Live streaming enables you to reuse it in different ways brilliantly. In addition, repurposing the content helps you in getting better ROI metrics.

#4 Data Analytics Tracking

The streaming services in UAE are equipped with various tools that empower you to determine more about the number of views and viewers’ behaviour during live streaming. In short, it aims to measure the success of your live event through data metrics. Moreover, it also helps you in identifying the components of live streaming that might need improvement in the future. Above all, it helps you to refine overall to create better content and strategy. Benefits of Live Streaming.

# 5 Strong Customer Support

After all, you are live streaming for your audience; thus their satisfaction is the major concern to take care of. But how can you ensure that your audience is satisfied and able to watch you live seamlessly? The live streaming platform offers a reliable and 24X7 customer support team to the attendees to resolve their issues at the earliest. The attendees can communicate through live chat or audio/video functionality with the help desk online. However, without their support, it is difficult to assist the attendees and troubleshoot the obstacles encountered. Benefits of Live Streaming.

# 6 Customized Video Player

The streaming services in UAE focus on interruption-free live streaming without third-party ads, for instance in the case of Youtube live. You can personalize the video player with the graphics and branding as you want it to be. In addition, you can fix the positions of buttons and controls you want your player to have.

Moreover, you can embed the video player into the app, web page, or website anywhere. All these features give a professional look to the live streaming video player.

Integration with external programs, for instance, mixers, CRMs, and encoders allow the users to have a great live streaming experience. In addition, broadcasters can equip the live stream with Zoom live streaming to pull the data from their end.

# 7 Privacy and Security

The streaming services in UAE offer privacy and security tools to limit unauthorized access. They promise to keep your content safe from hackers and allows you to control who can access your Live Stream.

The registration details of users need to be protected from unauthorized access. After all, the users sign up while trusting you and share their details with you. Their data must be secured with a trustworthy streaming service provider. All this is possible by choosing the right event streaming service.

Features offered by the professional streaming services are-

  • Password protection
  • Geographical restrictions based on IP
  • Tokenized restrictions
  • Restrictions based on domain

All the above features ensure your content to be safe and highly secured.


The Live Streaming Platform (Benefits of Live Streaming) intends to help the broadcasters stream like a professional and reach out to the target audience. With the platform, they can build the content creatively and stand out from the competitors.

In short, live streaming empowers you to customize the viewing experience and outreach to a global audience at the comfort of their home. In addition, it gives the audience the opportunities to engage equally as they would at the physical events.

Are you unsure how to choose the best live streaming services? Choose Dreamcast for your next live stream and host the event successfully with excellent strategies.

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