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The 10-Year Challenge – Dubai’s Unofficial Response.

With the 10-Year Challenge frenzy still seriously trending on social media, we at DubaiOMG have decided to join in the challenge, but in a slightly different way.

10-year challenge

What is the 10-Year Challenge?

So, you might have noticed profile pictures of celebrities and regular people alike, showing an older picture of themselves alongside a more recent version of them. Well, that is most likely the 10-Year Challenge right there, and in some cases, it will be posted with the hashtag (#10yearchallenge).

10-year challenge

Our own version of the 10-Year Challenge.

Dubai as a city has seen a lot of dramatic changes and transformations over the past few years.
Construction cranes towering above buildings in several construction sites used to be a common sight in the city of Dubai, but over time, most of these cranes have been replaced by engineering masterpieces, tourist attractions, and beautiful cityscape.

10-year challenge

Here is our compilation of the Dubai 10-Year Challenge.

Dubai (2008-2009)

Dubai (2018-2019)

For a city whose main resources are sun and sand, Dubai has come a long way from being a fishing village surrounded by a barren desert to one of the most attractive cities in the world – attracting millions of tourists every year. Dubai received over 8 million tourists in the first half of 2018 alone; and with the Expo 2020 in view, the number can only continue to rise.

Dubai – The Transformation.

Dubai – discover all that’s possible!

Courtesy: Visit Dubai

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