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Using VPN in UAE – All You Want to Know

Using VPN in UAE – All You Want to Know: Accessing untrue, Explicit content, or committing any crime via VPN is exceptionally punishable under United Arab Emirates cybercrime legislation 5 of 2012.

What’s a VPN?

A VPN network is a secret tunnel obtained by logging on via a remote server rather than a local server to start restricted content/ site. Any info passing to by a VPN tunnel can’t be spied into or monitored/stolen. No 3rd party can view the user’s geographic location obtaining a VPN as a remote server Internet protocol address is dynamic, and information via VPN is encrypted.

Nevertheless, Internet service providers or associations can see a person is using a VPN, but the action detail can’t be monitored, therefore ensuring complete privacy for the consumer.

Is it legal to use a VPN in UAE?

Consequently, if the VPN is being used for legitimate purposes, the usage of the VPN itself wouldn’t constitute a crime. Only lately, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority issued a press release clarifying that no regulation prevents VPN utilized by companies, institutions, and banks to get access to internal networks through the net. But use it to manipulate net protocols with the intent to perpetrate any fraud or offense is punishable by law for using VPN in UAE.

The overarching question which remains relates to precisely what’s very likely to be considered an offense for the provision. In technical terms, a broad spectrum of crimes might be recorded by the prohibition on the use of VPN to mask the commission of an offense.

We expect that the government is more intrigued to prevent access to nefarious content likely to harm the community than preventing otherwise law-abiding citizens from accessing overseas television programs that aren’t yet available in the UAE.

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan – The life of a Founding Father

His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, born on 6th of May 1918, lived and served his nation till the age of 86 years, a life well lived, and one worthy of emulation.

Why are individuals using VPN in UAE?

Here are the most numerous reasons why folks using VPN in UAE.

Personal use: 

  1. To access the VOIP services, which are officially blocked by the UAE telecoms. 
  2. To access the websites/ content blocked by United Arab Emirates govt according to cyber law. 
  3. To get protected browsing when obtaining public internet networks that are susceptible to attacks. Although the site is not obstructed, some individuals intentionally need to change to a VPN to guarantee their essential information’s full privacy.

Professional use: 

  1. Some organizations at high risk of cyber attacks might allow their staff to login remotely utilizing a VPN server to ensure complete privacy of crucial information. 
  2. To avoid banking scams while conducting online transactions.

What does the United Arab Emirates law state?

The United Arab Emirates Cybercrime Law, Number 5 of 2012, issued by President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, comprises punishments to the maximum life sentence and a fine of up to Dh 3 million depending upon the severity and seriousness of the cybercrime.

Aside from Cybercrime Law, TRA has lately forbidden VOIP calls in the United Arab Emirates and empowered TRA to initiate criminal proceedings against the consumers.

Also, the United Arab Emirates government restricts several online content or websites that are the following:

  1. The content that induces users to perpetrate fraud, theft, or deception. 
  2. Content that boosts impersonating. The range which permits the users to run other’s bank accounts or additional confidential financial information. 
  3. Content that invades anyone’s privacy. 
  4. Content that provides info for the public or any private organizations. 

Recent alterations in Cybercrime Law confirm the United Arab Emirates government is taking strict measures to prevent VPN providers from obtaining illegal content or content that is particularly prohibited in the UAE.

Criminal Lawyers of Dubai advises readers to use a VPN for permissible activities. Otherwise, they might face stringent penalties—bottom line.

Use a VPN in the United Arab Emirates with extreme caution and avoid the VPN whatsoever. Use the only telecom accepted VOIP services chances. Use just reputed and top-rated VPN. Use only reputable and top-rated VPNs provider’s real info to know more about the United Arab Emirates.

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