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Types of Business Licenses in Dubai

Are you planning to start a business in Dubai? Confused on the types of business licenses in Dubai? Dubai is a city that encourages start ups and budding entrepreneurs. So if you have plans to build a business career, Dubai will be a perfect choice. It is not a complicated thing to receive a business license in Dubai.

All you need is to take an expert opinion from authorized agents who will help you the right way with the right information regarding business setup. Before setting up a business in Dubai, you must get a license from the concerned authority. But which is the license you will have to apply for? Is the license issued by the concerned authority the same for all the business activities? Not at all. In this article you will learn about different types of business licenses in Dubai.

Commercial License

Any kind of business that involves selling or buying goods must receive the commercial license from the authority. Commercial license is a permit that allows individuals and companies to conduct trading activities not only within the Emirates but also outside UAE.

The commercial license is one of the easiest licenses that you can get in Dubai when compared to others. There are different types of commercial licenses in Dubai which means that the types of commercial license you should acquire differs according to the business activity. Some of the businesses that require commercial license are those dealing with real estate, healthcare, transportation, publishing, media, oil and gas, spare parts, gold and precious metals, chemicals, automobiles, safety equipment etc.

Industrial License

In UAE, an Industrial License is issued to company establishments that deal with manufacturing and semi manufacturing of goods such as motor vehicles, spare parts, home appliances and other machineries. This simply means that an industrial license is a permit to activities that involve conversion of raw materials into refined ones.

One important thing to be noted is that you mandatorily need a physical office space to get an industrial license. There are specific industrial license types issued for different manufacturing companies. These are Garments Manufacturing, Appliance and Machinery Factory, Wood Products and Furniture Manufacturing, Meat Products Manufacturing, Dairy Products Manufacturing, Animal & Birds Feed Manufacturing, Carpet Manufacturing etc.

Professional License

Professional license in UAE is a permit given to an individual or a group of people to start a company that matches their talent and educational qualification. This type of license is different from commercial and industrial license. Professional license allows 100% ownership for foreign investors letting them enjoy sole proprietorship of their business. If the company is owned by more than one person, then the company will be registered as a Civil Works Company. Insurance, consultancies, marketing, IT, environmental activities, tax, management etc are some of the businesses that require a professional license to start operating in Dubai. Accountants, auditors, printing and publishing, healthcare services, etc, also require a professional license in Dubai.

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Freelance Permit

A developed and highly motivating city like Dubai, never impose restrictions upon one’s skills and creativity. Rather they have initiated various methods to promote such talents of people. Freelance is one among them. These permits are focused on specialized individuals in the media, technology, art, and entertainment sector to provide their services on a consultancy basis, apart from their full-time jobs. With a rise in usage of digital platforms, freelance permits have become one of the most popular business licenses in Dubai.

A freelance permit is issued to creative professionals like Actor, Animator, Audio/Sound Engineer, Cameraman, Content provider, Copywriter, Media Specialist. The freelance permit in Dubai is a licence issued under the TECOM Group that allows you to work as an independent contractor and is renewable each year.

Agricultural Business License

Are you planning to dedicate time and effort into agricultural business? If yes, then you too have a business license to acquire. That is an Agricultural Business License which is the next in the list of types of business licenses in Dubai. If your company uses land for cultivating crops, keeping livestock, running fish farms, installing greenhouses or trading pesticides, you will have to apply for an agricultural business licence in Dubai. Apart from cultivation and farming, people who are planning to provide agricultural consultancy should also possess an agriculture license.

Tourism License

Every year Dubai witnesses the influx of a great number of tourists. Then why not think about a tourism related start up? Tourism business has immense scope in Dubai and while planning to get into the same, you must receive a tourism license from the concerned authority.

There are 3 types of tourism license available which are Inbound, outbound and travel agency licenses. Every company dealing with tourism should have a tourism license to operate in Dubai. Business including hotel renting, tourist camps, cruise boat rental, restaurants, guest houses, travel agencies, etc are some that require a tourism license.

E-Trader License in Dubai

A home-based entrepreneur or individual who sells products and services on social media platforms like Instagram is considered an E trader. E-commerce has seen tremendous growth in Dubai in recent years

E-Trader License in Dubai

Dubai provides immense opportunities. If you have the will, Dubai opens up the way to mould and develop the entrepreneur within you. Now that you have an idea about the types of business licenses in Dubai, starting a business might seem more hassle free now. If you have a business plan in your mind, just identify the types of business licenses in Dubai you have to acquire and proceed to execute your idea. Seeking assistance from a certified business setup consultancy in Dubai will make the entire process more easier.

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