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Top 5 Online Tutoring Websites in Dubai

Top 5 Online Tutoring Websites in Dubai: Online coaching classes have been available since long to meet the coaching requirements of students unable to attend classrooms. However, due to the change in circumstances, online tutoring has become the need of the hour.

Through online coaching classes, a student can learn and practice for the competitive exams, sitting at the safety of their home. As is the case, several online coaching websites have mushroomed offering classes.

It is to be noted that not all the online websites keep the word they promise. Many of them concentrate on enrolling maximum students and do not give much importance to ensuring results. Both the parents and students have been at a fix here. Because of the lack of exact idea about the best online tutoring websites.

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Online tutoring classes have their own pros and cons. Being at home, the students may tend to turn lazy resulting in procrastination. An effective online coaching service should give priority in persuading students to practice and prepare themselves for the rigid competition. The curriculum must be in such a way that it should generate interest in students to practice more.

Evaluating the services offered by various online services. And monitoring their result percentile, we have ranked the top 5 online coaching websites in Dubai, UAE. The views may differ according to one’s perception and need. Nonetheless, these 5 best online tutoring websites in Dubai may be given priority while searching for online coaching websites.

Top 5 Online Tutoring Websites in Dubai

1. Sage Education Services

As said above, many online websites are offering online tutoring classes. The aspect that put Sage Education Service at first position is their dedication to the service. Sage has a student-oriented approach. Each student will be monitored before preparing a custom-tailored method for them and assigning them with the activities. This has been proven successful and is evident from their results.

Top 5 Online Tutoring Websites in Dubai

Sage Education Service has a well-experienced team of tutors and a proven formula. Thus avoiding the requirement of reinventing the wheel. Sage ascertains the level of standard of every student through constant interactions and assigns projects, mock tests and live classes accordingly. The student is brought to the requisite standard by the time it’s time for the exam. Frequent and on to the point feedback has been one of their most important features. The numerous features for ensuring results bring Sage Education Service to the top position in the best online tutoring services in Dubai, UAE.

2. eTutorHome

eTutorHome is another educational service that offers online coaching classes. Their students have been performing well and coming out with flying colours. The flexible and hence convenient schedule has been one of their most important features. eTutorHome has a time-tested formula to prepare the students for the competitive exams.

The experienced faculty members have been the strength of the agency. They plan, guide, and prepare the students for the entrance exams. The care with which eTutorHome support the students have won them one of the top spots in the best online coaching websites in Dubai.

3. Concept Tutors

As the name suggests, the teaching based on a unique and proven concept formulated by Concept Tutors is their speciality. They psychologically approach the student to understand their weak areas and concentrate on improving those. Concept Tutors conduct online coaching for languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic too.

Majority of the online coaching websites concentrate on tutoring for competitive exams. Concept Tutors has an additional option for online music classes also. They offer one-to-one music classes for Vocal, Harmonium, Keyboard, Tabla and Guitar.

4. EKAM Education

EKAM Education has tutors from around the world. They claim more than 1200 happy parents, 920 awards, 650 best teachers and 4200 successful kids. EKAM adapts the most modern methods of teaching. With which students can learn more in comparatively less time. The testimonials indicate that the students have been successful in attaining the top spots in several entrance exams.

The students can enrol for a trial class and continue if they wish. The trial classes at EKAM has been arranged to understand the teaching method followed by them. And whether the students can cope with that. EKAM could be considered as an option while you think of online teaching websites in Dubai.

5. Instaclass

The tagline of Instaclass is “the future of online learning”. It is pertinent to mention that they have been able to justify the tagline. The online tutoring services by Instaclass offer a wide array of options. The well-advanced teaching program by Instclass has been a hit with parents and students alike.

Instaclass has live classes, mock tests, practise sessions etcetera that will infuse the student with an interest in classes. The methodology of teaching at Instaclass is similar to the other online websites above. Their dedication level has been high resulting in a success rate.

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