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Office Space in Dubai: How to Choose the Right One?

Office Space in Dubai: How to Choose the Right One: Are you planning to set up a business in Dubai?

That’s great news! With investor-friendly relations, elegant infrastructure, and futuristic features, this is one of the best business destinations in the world. The right office space in Dubai can transform the business prospects phenomenally.  

We have seen companies that are unable to perform, eventually shutting down, only due to incorrect or improper location. Choosing the right location is of paramount importance while going for a business setup in Dubai.  


The location of the office space in Dubai is of utmost significance. An office at the right spot can elevate the business probabilities. The location must be well-connected with the centers of importance. The employees, as well as, the clients must be able to reach the office without any conveyance issues. Clients may avoid companies that are located in remote regions. Consult a reliable business setup service in Dubai if you are unable to identify the right location for the office space.

Business Address

An elegant business address itself will describe the company’s stature. In turn, attracting clients. Getting an office space at prominent towers and renowned centers would be of great value. The clients would understand how strong your company is, without any loud proclamation or advertisement from your end.

Costs Involved

The costs including hiring or leasing price would matter a lot for businesses. Every company targets to reap the best outcome by spending less. Big offices in prime locations are going to burden the budget. The company may have to look for cut downs, to keep the expenses in check when they rent an office space beyond their financial strength. An exorbitantly priced office space might hamper your business plans. It would be advisable to hire a business setup service in Dubai, in such a scenario. They would aid you in choosing the right office space in Dubai at affordable rates.

Approved Activities

It may happen that your specific business activity is not permitted in a particular location. Knowing this after hiring the office space and signing the Ejari can cause a lot of dilemmas and loss of money. Check with authorities including the Department of Economic Development (DED) about the approved business activities in the location. Consult a professional business setup service in case of doubts. They would clarify all your concerns. Additionally, the professionals would quickly find the office space at the right location for you.


A well-furnished office with all the amenities installed would boost the morale of the employees. Moreover, the office space would offer a positive working atmosphere. In addition to making an impression on the clients. Office set up must be evaluated thoroughly, before renting it. A brilliantly designed office can elevate growth remarkably.

Working Environment

A calm environment is vital for improving the productivity of the employees. Just presume the condition of the workers when they are working in a noisy environment or in an office space close to an industrial area. The sounds, pollution, and disturbance can disturb peaceful functioning. Furthermore, it would affect the health of the team. The surroundings of the office you are renting in Dubai must be inspected.

Renting an Office Space in Free Zone Area

Renting an office in the Free Zone may lead to denial of business operations in the Mainland. The DED has promulgated dimensional specifications for office space in Dubai Mainland. Confirm that the office space you hire in Dubai is part of the Mainland jurisdiction and you can carry out business operations in the relevant market. Therefore, be sure that the office space you rent or lease falls in the jurisdiction of your business license. To avoid unwanted ambiguities.

Parking Space

Providing parking space for clients and visitors is essential for the business to thrive. Why would a client search for parking space after arriving at your location? They are there for your sake; hence, it is your responsibility to make sure that the visitors have a specially allocated parking area. Many companies miss out on this aspect. That is the reason for us to include this point. Make confirmation of the availability of parking space a point to note when you search for the right office space in Dubai.

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The Brief

A business formation in Dubai is the right way to riches. One can prosper and achieve great heights through dedicated efforts. An office space in the ideal location in Dubai, integrated with all the facilities can get you more clients and more business.

Assigning the task to a reliable business setup service in Dubai/ UAE may be an advisable option. You can share your needs including budgetary limitations, location requirements, and infrastructure facilities with the professional team. They would identify the business location depending on the type of venture you are planning.

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