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Winter Men’s Fashion Trends & Style Tips

The neat, pristine robes known as a kandora, thobe, and dishdasha, are no longer manufactured with a number of small changes in cut and style that are distinctive to the wearer’s country but rather are made with a variety of subtle variances in design.

Each nation has its particular style, from the high neckline and tailored thobes of Saudi Arabia to the embroidered motifs of Oman and the loose cuts and various hues of the Emirati kandora.

The national attire for males in the United Arab Emirates is the Kandura, which features no collar, a long dangling tassel in the front, and complementing embroidery on the sleeves. It is common for Emirati men to wear the white and the red ghutrah beneath the black tassel-bound agal, which hangs over the back.

Styling Tips for Kandoras

Sneak around

It is time now to step up your fashion game with a new pair of eye-catching footwear. You may achieve a balance by opting for a piece that is both loud and vibrant.

Add a vest

Traditional elements with a contemporary twist are everything you need for a quick swag upgrade. With this daring fit, you can take your layering to a whole new level.

Smart move

Do you know how to get the job done quickly? With a tailored jacket, you’ll immediately feel the difference. Try something new, with delicate textures and tonal hues.

A classic twist

Staples are the finest way to update your appearance, and they’re a testament to a classic style. It’s a good idea to add a dash of color to your outfit with a pair of vividly colored sandals.

Smooth operator

Deep colors and silky textures might help you get the look of an expensive uniform. Even if you don’t intend to wear it, you may always try something like this if the occasion demands it.

Sweater weather

Grandpa’s sweater is your greatest advantage when it comes to raising the stakes in the competition. A no-fuss cardi or knitwear over your kandora will do the trick while you’re rushing out the door.

Don’t forget to accessorize

With a striking timepiece and other similar accessories, you can instantly make heads turn with your outfit.

Regardless of how you choose to style it, it’s important to first wear a high-quality and stylish kandora. So, head on to Meemo to find the best kandoras available on the market. 

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