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How to Reschedule your EID Biometric Appointment [Updated]

How to Reschedule your EID Biometric Appointment: Welcome back, once more, to yet another article in which we are going to show you how you could reschedule your own or any of your friends’ EID Biometric appointments. Since June 2021, the Emirates Authority for Identity and Citizenship of the United Arab Emirates has launched the issuance of the new Emirates ID to replace damaged, lost, or expired ones. External changes and protection of important documents have been updated.

  • Manufacture of high-quality polycarbonate, which allows you to extend the life of your documents for up to ten years or more.
  • A visual of the cardholder’s age and name, which is exploded by 3D printing, is another innovation.
  • Emirates ID data for the latest model will be equipped with 9 security steps and a remote data reading feature.
  • An increased-capacity chip that holds more than 32,000 character strings will be installed in the ID cards.
  • Most of the cardholder’s personal data will only be available when they are processed through the E-link ICA system.
  • Despite several changes and adjustments, the price of issuing an Emirates ID remains consistent.

A Quick Guide on How to Find UID Number – UAE: There are over 8.84 million ex-patriots in the UAE. Most of them still don’t know the secrets of the number written on the UAE residence visa, the nine-digit number also known as the Unified Identification Number – UID.

How to Reschedule your EID Biometric Appointment

How to Reschedule your EID Biometric Appointment
  • Step 3: Then, head over to the last section – “Search/Modify for Enrollment Appointment” as shown below
  • Step 4: Fill out the complete data as required and reschedule your appointment.

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