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How to Get UAE Return Permit Approval

How to Get UAE Return Permit Approval: If you’re a Dubai home visa holder returning to Dubai, you’ll still need the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs approval. 

All the other United Arab Emirates residence visa holders don’t need to apply. Even when you’ve previously filled out a Twajudi form or an ICA form, you’ll have to finish a specific document on the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs site, which is significantly simpler than its predecessors. 

All passengers are advised to frequently check the United Arab Emirates Government Authority Web site and the concerned airline for the newest travel updates. 

Those returning to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are NOT needed to present an entrance permit from the ICA or even GDRFA.

How to Get Dubai Return Permit Approval

  1. Head over to the Smart GDRFA website
  2. Under Application Search, enter your Residence File Number, Country, and Year of Birth. Search your profile.
  3. Enter your travel information like coming from, arrival port, and Email. Make sure you enter the correct Email as the approval comes directly into your inbox.
  4. Upload your documents: passport, visa, and Emirates ID. If you can get NOC from your employer, this will increase the chances of approval.
  5. Once done, apply.
  6. Wait for the approval. You will receive an acknowledgment from Smart Channels in your Email.

How to Get UAE Return Permit Approval

  1. Head over to Smart Channels ICA website
  2. Enter your residence details, Emirates ID, and Passport Number.
  3. Check whether you can enter the UAE or not.
  4. If the status shows GREEN, then you can enter the UAE without any hassle.
  5. If it shows RED, then you cannot enter the UAE. Try checking for every alternate day.

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