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Dragon Mart – Dubai’s Largest China Mall

Dragon Mart – Dubai’s Largest China Mall: Discover the largest hub for Chinese products out of China in this massive dragon-shaped structure. Over 3, 500 stores sell everything from electronics and fashion to homewares and furniture. 

Dragon Mart started in 2004, and ever since then, it has been in constant development, providing a broad range of products in one place and at the best price. It’s also an essential source of Chinese products to the Arabian Gulf nations, the Middle East and North Africa. In a town full of luxurious stores and price tags, Dragon Mart can come like a breath of clean air to tourists, tourists, and sailors looking to shop in Dubai. 

Bargains lovers and hagglers alike will find delight inside the 1.2 kilometres long; dragon formed a shopping Mall in Dubai. Everything sold at Dragon Mart is made in China, and shoppers can find things which range from fashion, medicine, interior decoration, garden accessories, sports gear, and electrical products.

 Dragon Mart is the first and most prominent shopping place for the supply of Chinese products in the area, hosting over 3500 stores and opening late nights. Personal or wholesale purchases are available, and shoppers are urged to haggle for the best deals. 

Dragon Mart is a shopping destination in Dubai. The mega shopping mall attracts more than visitors a day, under the Dubai based developer. 

Again, it’s extended by adding another 1.3 million sq meters of space in an already incredible 1.6 sq meters. It promises to alter the city’s vision in Smart & renewable city, a hub in the global economics, Customer expertise.

A vast range of fashion selection is also available here. Dragon mart includes a hypermarket, a cinema, many restaurants, and robust retail chances. There’s a couch for drink and food of all kinds, where one can eat. It also has a multi-floor car park to accommodate as many vehicles as possible. The Mall offers fantastic support to clients if they don’t want to walk, they could rent a six-seater golf machine that will take clients from one side of the Mall to the other on affordable rates. 

Dragon Mart Address

It’s also a straightforward way to shop for those who intend to make massive purchases. The shopping center is divided into seven zones with more than 2500 parking spaces.

It offers the top quality facilities for visitors and traders alike to make it the most significant Chinese commercial center in the MENA region. 

Dragon Mart Products

You Can Shop from the Chinese marketplace via retail or wholesale, purchase the essential furniture, materials such as construction, clothing, or everyday consumer products so that you can salvage your budget much. From the Chinese industry, you’ll Discover many beautiful products that you want to Enjoy the following.

  • Chinese food products
  • Toilet and ceramic sets
  • Wallpaper and paints
  • Home and office furniture
  • Tools and hardware
  • Construction materials of various sorts
  • Chinese clothing and apparel
  • Phones, smart devices, and electronics
  • Solar and other energy products
  • Generators and equipment
  • Perfumes and saffron
  • Women’s accessories
  • Games and bicycles
  • Acoustics and household appliances
  • Solar and other energy products
  • Spare parts for trucks and automobiles along with other Chinese goods.

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