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The Benefits of a Digital Signage for Business Growth

Digital Signage: In an age of social media ads, search engine marketing, and Google My Business, signage may appear to be a relic of the past, useful only for alerting passers-by that there is a business by that name in a certain location. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Contrary to popular assumptions, signage has not been left behind in the digitization that is sweeping the globe. That being said, signages, particularly digital signages, are an underutilized digital marketing tool that many businesses with physical locations overlook despite the fact that they can be a powerful driver of business growth.

What Exactly Is a Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a more advanced version of traditional signage. Instead of a static sign with only one message or just the business name, digital signage uses LED and LCD screens to display other dynamic business content such as videos, images, wayfinding information, current promotions, business details, and more.

Digital Signage

Due to the enhanced functionality that digital signage provides, it offers an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to increase sales and connect with their customers.

Essentially, it can be your own type of touch display that captures your customers’ attention and makes their shopping experience more interactive. As a result, you can capitalize on the value of your physical location while also providing the digital interactions that modern customers expect.

Therefore, it’s crucial to consider hiring a digital signage expert to install one or more digital signage for your business.

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5 Top Benefits of Digital Signage for Business Use

Digital signage is such a powerful tool because it can be used in a variety of ways to help businesses achieve their objectives. Still not convinced of the value of digital signage for your company? Here are some of the most significant advantages of using this tool for business.

1. Boost Brand Recall and Retention

The primary objective of most businesses is to attract new customers and convert them into long-term paying customers. One strategy that brands use to convert first-time buyers into returning customers is to implement strategies that improve brand recall.

Digital signage is an excellent tool for driving brand retention and inspiring customer return visits at your brick and mortar store because it can be used to display dynamic content that your visitors can interact with.

On average, visual brand messaging gets 94% more views than text-based information. And after three days, 65% of that information can still be recalled by most people.

Although this is a significant percentage, digital signage fosters an incredible recall rate of 83% — almost twice the information retention rate for traditional advertising like TV and static visuals like billboards!

2. Implement Brand Messaging More Quickly

One disadvantage of physical marketing campaigns involving static brand messaging is the time it takes to implement changes, which can take up to a month at times

With digital signage, you can seamlessly implement quick content changes as soon as they are finalized. As a bonus, you save money, time, and effort that would otherwise be spent attempting to change an image or word on a flier.

3. Increase Customer Engagement with Brand Communications

According to research findings published by Intel, digital displays engage customers’ attention 400% more than static ones.

This means that by having digital signage in your store, you have the perfect tool for increasing engagement and connecting with your target market in a more impactful way whenever they visit your business premises. This, in turn, leads to more sales and higher business revenue.

What’s more, strategically placing your digital signage in high-traffic areas can seamlessly increase brand exposure and awareness for enhanced customer acquisition rates and customer retention.

4. Reduce Display Advertising Spend

Digital signage is a very cost-effective advertising channel for many reasons. Unlikeother forms of display advertising, business messaging can be managed through a single content management system.

Furthermore, when compared to traditional display mediums  (such as billboards), designing and distributing creative content for digital signage is far more cost effective!

You don’t have to spend weeks looking for a reputable printing company or ask your digital agency to design physical promotional materials, or hire contractors to put up print materials on billboards once new content has been developed.

Digital signage content can be developed and implemented in a matter of days.

5. Create Additional Income Streams

It is impressive how digital signage can pave the way for new revenue streams for your business.


It’s simple: you can recoup the cost of your digital signage investment by selling advertising space to other brands and businesses that aren’t competitors but offer complementary products and services to your own.

For example, if you own a cafe, you can form a partnership with a neighboring convenience store. Together, you can also work out an agreement to promote deals and promotions that will help your customers save money on expenses — whether it’s for food shopping or quality coffee on-the-go — all while your partner business pays for their share of the signage space.

With the right signage, your cafe and the convenience store could help each other drive traffic into your businesses.

Why Is Digital Signage Beneficial for Business Growth?

In sum, here are some ways digital signage can help your business grow. Using interactive digital signage displays can:

  • Boost engagement with your target market.
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure with attention-grabbing motion displays.
  • Reduce the money and time spent on print marketing to save your business money.
  • Improve brand consistency by utilizing a single content manager across the board.
  • Enhance customer experiences for greater overall business satisfaction.
  • Enhance your business revenue by selling advertising space to other businesses.
  • Increase customer retention rates by sending out relevant and timely business messages.
  • Improve customer recall rates by using adaptable content.

As you can see, there are no disadvantages to implementing digital signage in your business. The advantages that this simple display tool provides your business are a gold mine for achieving your business goals and ensuring company growth.

There is no better time than now to install one if you don’t already have digital signage at your brick-and-mortar store. Make sure you create customer-specific content and see the benefits for yourself.

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