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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in Dubai

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in Dubai: The UAE is still one of the best places in the world for expatriates. It continues to invest in development to improve the quality of life for all of its residents—Emiratis and expats.

There are many reasons why expatriates are drawn to the UAE. Firstly, it’s one of the few tax-free nations in the world. It boasts an incredibly diverse population consisting of people from over a hundred countries. It offers lucrative employment packages, comfortable living, access to quality education and affordable healthcare, and a sense of community.

When you live in the UAE, you learn to look out for other people—no matter how different they are from you!

The country’s diversity may be its greatest strength because everyone feels at home in the UAE. So, it’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the best places in the world for expats!

Economic Stability

Like other countries, the UAE was also hit hard by the 2008 recession, but it managed to rebound within a couple of years.

Today, when every country is struggling with the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the UAE is all set to make a V-shaped recovery.

At the moment, expatriates make up 90% of the country’s population. Unlike its neighboring countries, which are focused on downsizing the expatriate population, the UAE knows that its international workers are the backbone of its economy. The country has always welcomed skilled and talented expats who have made major contributions to the development and economic stability. Attestation in Dubai.

Like in other countries, the coronavirus pandemic did make a dent in the UAE’s economy, but the country is devising solutions to stimulate the economy at a rapid pace. Instead of laying off people, many private firms are opting to reduce salaries until things get better. In the meantime, Abu Dhabi is implementing strategies to reduce the cost of living to lure talented expats to the city.

In September 2020, the UAE even launched a 5-year Retirement Visa for wealthy expatriates who’re looking to retire there.

Hiring Expatriates in the UAE

The Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Companies in the UAE have to sponsor employees through employment visas. Employers are required to pay a fee for each expat they hire. Hiring the wrong person thus costs companies a lot; not only will they have to pay to sponsor the employee, but they’ll also have to pay for visa cancellation.

To protect its firms and prevent fraud, the UAE enforces stringent document attestation procedures.  

Attestation Requirements for International Residents

All expats who are looking to move to the UAE for higher education, employment, or to launch a business, are required to submit authenticated legal documents that prove their legitimacy and validity.

Legal documents that need to be attested include personal documents, educational certificates, and commercial documents.

Failure to complete attestation will result in the rejection of the visa application and a loss of money.

Here’s why the attestation of certificates in the UAE is essential:

Importance of Attestation

At a time when software applications have gotten so advanced, it’s become difficult to distinguish authentic photos, videos, and documents from fake ones. This makes it crucial for countries to double-check legal paperwork that’s submitted by visa applicants.

It’s become too easy for people to develop and use fake copies of documents for the purposes of entering a country. The document attestation process limits fraud and prevents crimes.

The attestation procedure involves several bodies that verify the details listed in the documents before providing a sign and seal that declares their legitimacy. Certificate holders need to submit original documents along with copies that will be signed and stamped. The original document will be returned safely to the holder. Attestation in Dubai.

The Attestation Procedure

The UAE has a very strict, multi-step attestation process that can be complicated for people who aren’t aware of how it works. However, once the documents are attested, you can use them for many kinds of visa applications.

The attestation process starts in the issuing country and ends with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE.

In the initial stages of attestation, the documents will need to be submitted to local bodies that will verify the details to ensure they’re genuine.

After local authorities attest the documents, they’ll be submitted to the UAE embassy/consulate in the issuing country. The UAE embassy/consulate checks to see whether relevant local bodies have signed and stamped the document, before attesting it.

In the final stage of attestation, the document is submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Dubai. Once the document is attested by MOFA, it can be used for residential visa applications.

Here’s everything you need to know about MOFA attestation in the UAE:

Attestation in Dubai

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE is located in Dubai. All certificate holders are required to pay DHS 150 to MOFA for every certificate that needs to be attested.

The following certificates issued outside the UAE must be attested:

  • Birth certificates
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificates issued by a court
  • Death certificates (applicable for UAE and Non-UAE residents)
  • Educational degree certificates
  • Employment contracts
  • Experience letters
  • Fingerprint papers
  • Judicial rulings
  • Loss of international passport
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Non-trade Power of Attorney
  • Police reports
  • Transfer of non-trade Power of Attorney
  • “To whom it may concern” certificates
  • Others

All the above documents are used for residential visa applications in the UAE.

MOFA Attestation for Entrepreneurs

Expat man all set to move to Dubai

Entrepreneurs who want to launch a business in the UAE will have to get their commercial documents attested through MOFA. Bear in mind that some legal documents may have to be translated into Arabic. Attestation in Dubai.

Certificate holders must pay DHS 2,000 for the attestation of each certificate.

  • Article of Association
  • Board of Director letters
  • Business set-up contract
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Commercial contracts
  • Commercial licenses
  • Financial statements
  • ISO certificate
  • Patent registration
  • Others

Because the UAE’s multi-step attestation process is so complex, we suggest you hire professional attestation services to ensure document attestation and your visa application go smoothly. Attestation companies work with overseas partners that do the running around for you, so you don’t have to do it. Attestation in Dubai.

Attestation companies make sure your document attestation is done correctly and completed on time.

The author of this guest post is a proud expatriate living in the UAE and a contributor for Benchmark Attestation Services, a company that’s committed to providing hassle-free attestation services in Dubai.

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