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Al Qana Marina: Abu Dhabi’s Secret Paradise

Al Qana Marina, is a hidden treasure waiting to be found in Abu Dhabi. It’s not just a place for fancy boats; it’s a luxurious spot where you can enjoy stunning views, fancy dining, and fun activities.

There’s a lot of fun stuff to do at Al Qana Marina, even if you don’t own a boat. You can go on a Grand Canal Cruise or take a heritage tour in traditional abras, which are boats that show you around the waterways of Al Qana.

Since there aren’t tall buildings nearby, Al Qana Marina has nice views of the water and you can also see famous landmarks like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Memorial Park.

Fouad Mashal, who runs Al Barakah International Investment, the company behind Al Qana, says that the marina lets people learn about the country’s history while also enjoying modern luxuries and tasty food.

Al Qana Marina: Abu Dhabi’s Secret Paradise

Al Qana Marina

You can see the Abu Dhabi skyline from the beautiful Al Qana Marina. People who love water sports and own yachts can have a great time here. The marina has space for up to 106 boats. But even if you’re not into boats, there are lots of restaurants, cafes, and lounges around the area to enjoy.

Adrenark Adventure

Adrenark Adventure – The family-friendly activity area will have a big indoor park with lots of fun stuff for kids. They can play in foam pits, try a parkour track, go on ziplines, run on walls, and play dodgeball.

The main idea is to have a place where kids and adults can have fun together and stay safe while being active and testing their abilities.

The National Aquarium

The aquarium was the first thing to open at Al Qana. It opened in November 2022 and it’s pretty big, with 10 different areas. Inside, there are 46,000 creatures from 300 different kinds.

It’s the biggest aquarium in the Middle East, and 80 marine experts take care of all the plants and animals there. You can also do cool things like meeting puffins and freshwater rays. Plus, there’s a glass bridge you can walk on and a boat tour where you can see everything through the glass bottom.


Cinemacity now has one of the biggest movie screens in Abu Dhabi, measuring 26 meters wide. It has 15 theaters offering different movie experiences like VIP, 3DMax, arthouse, and a theater for kids. The three VIP theaters have comfy seats that recline fully, and you can even order food while you watch the movie.

In total, Cinemacity can hold up to 9,000 people and plays movies from the region, Hollywood, and Bollywood. They also have three places to eat: Graffiti Lounge, Backlot Cafe, and Azul Lounge.

Pixoul Gaming

Pixoul Gaming has opened on November 4th 2022. It’s a big place for esports and virtual reality gaming, and it’s meant to attract gamers to Abu Dhabi. They have something for everyone.

Inside, there’s a zone for virtual reality gaming with 10 different games. You can try things like shooting games, roller coasters, paragliding, and escape rooms. There’s also a special bar just for esports where you can watch global gaming events while having food and drinks. They’ll have big screens, comfy beanbags, and different game consoles to play.

Pixoul Gaming will also have an area with really good equipment to make streaming easier.

The Bridge

The wellness area is really big, covering 8,000 square meters and spread over four floors. Inside, there’s a gym, spa, restaurant, juice bar, nutrition corner, shop, indoor running track, and a garden on the roof.

It’s not just a place to work out, though. The Bridge wants to help people feel good in every way, so they focus on seven different things: Move, Pause, Taste, Choose, Seek, Expand, and Learn.

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