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5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai

5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai: Dubai embraces and welcomes its tourists, both first-timers and frequent visitors, with a long list of tourist spots. Each of its tourist spots has unique attributes with which it competes with others for superiority. Zabeel Park, which is popular among tourists of different age groups, occupies a top spot among them. It spreads over an area of 52 acres and has many bars and barbecue facilities. Its space has a capacity of accommodating about 400 people at once.

Most tourists come to Dubai with vivid imagery of its urban culture. In many ways, the downtown park of Zabeel Park portrays it accurately with its skyscraping surroundings. Interestingly, it has many attractions and offers a wide range of exciting activities. Read on to learn more about Zabeel Park Dubai attractions.

5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai

Ever since the establishment of Zabeel Park in 2005, the 52-hectare park has been the go-to place for fun-filled family outings. The park’s three distinct sections, namely A, B, and C, have dedicated play areas for children. With its exciting places worth seeing and activities that are worthy of indulgence, it promises a memorable day to visitors with their family and friends.

If the thought of visiting this magnificent park has come to your mind, you already have a great idea! Consider indulging in the below-mentioned activities to make the most out of your trip to the park.

Explore Dubai Frame and Click a Cool Selfie

While some unique traits draw a line of distinction between New Dubai and Old Dubai, they have a similarity. Both of them have some amazing sites. At Dubai Frame, you can catch the impressive sights of both Old and New Dubai. As Dubai Frame connects Dubai’s past with its present, many people consider it to be synonymous with the metaphorical bridge that bridges the gap between traditional and modern Dubai.

5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai

The two well-connected towers of Dubai Frame look like a photo frame. On its northern side, you can catch sight of old Dubai. In contrast, you can get some magnificent views of modern Dubai on its southern side. Visiting the Dubai Frame is a one-of-a-kind experience for all tourists.

However, it is all the more special for those who have a liking for selfies. If you are one of them, you can choose a preferred place for clicking some cool selfies to either post them on social media sites or share them with your near and dear ones. 5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai.

Catch Some Live Cricketing Action at Zabeel Park

If you follow cricket, you will know that Dubai hosts many international cricket matches. Zabeel Park, which is one of Dubai’s extensive cricket grounds, has been an eyewitness to many nail-biting cricket encounters between international teams.

If you come to Dubai during the cricketing season and are passionate about the sport, you must visit this oldest ground in Dubai at least once. Generally, you can catch the live action of a cricket match at the stadium when it hosts an international cricket match.

Visit the Boating Lake to Experience the Fun of Boating

At Zabeel Park, there is a dedicated lake for boating. Here, many boats are available for rent. You can rent out a boat and get started with boating along with your companions. You can rest assured that they will enjoy every moment of their boating experience, regardless of their age. Each session of boat riding lasts for 20 minutes. You could rent out a boat for either two people or four people, depending on your requirements. 5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai

Look at Dubai’s Uniquely Themed Garden, aka Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is one of Dubai’s atop-themed gardens with three distinct zones. The names of these zones are Ice Park, Dinosaur Park, and Glow Park, respectively. Though the park opens for visitors at 4 p.m., the best time to come here is when it gets dark in the evening.

After arriving at the park this time, you can see its brilliant lighting involving about 10 million light bulbs. Wondering how much power these bulbs consume? You don’t need to worry about it, though. Being energy-saving by nature, these bulbs save a lot of energy.

5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai

Upon entering the park, you will get a magical experience with vibrant installations and a brilliant display of sculptures. The Dinosaur Park is a unique attraction for kids involving more than a hundred animatronic dinosaurs. Ice Park, which is an exclusive zone of sub-zero temperatures, lies at the center of the desert land.

You can get to see all these zones of Dubai Garden Glow with tickets for yourself and your companions. You can buy Dubai Garden Glow tickets online to prevent the eleventh-hour rush. Getting a ticket is mandatory for individuals who are more than 3 years old to enter the park. Each ticket includes all the general admissions.

Get Some Workouts to Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy

For fitness-conscious individuals, there is no greater source of motivation than a healthy workout. After all, it helps ensure physical and mental health. If you feel the desire to engage in some healthy workout after arriving in Zabeel Park Dubai, you can flex your muscles in fitness sessions. By taking part in these sessions, you can perform yoga and other workouts.

Many organizations provide different courses on workouts to help individuals perform the workouts in the recommended manner. The primary objective of offering these fitness courses to visitors is to enhance their overall health through fitness. You can choose a course for yourself according to your preferences.

From the standpoint of Zabeel Park attractions, there are many places worth checking out and things to do. While the park has several exciting possibilities, the ones above include those that are prominent. 5 Things to Do in Zabeel Park Dubai.

Try arriving at the park a bit earlier so that you have enough time on hand to check out everything that this park has to offer for its visitors. Also, don’t forget to carry a high-quality smartphone or camera to capture all your memorable moments and revisit them later.

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